21 Things 40 year old man should be doing

All men are different, and we all have a different outlook on life as we age. But there are some things that every 40-year-old man should be doing at this point in their lives. Here’s 21 of them: 

Your kids are now teenagers- make an effort to stay involved in their lives by volunteering or coaching sports teams they’re interested in. It’ll mean more to your kids than you know. 

You’ve been with your wife for 20 years (Or maybe not) anyways it’s time for a vacation before the next milestone birthday hits the big 50.

You’re halfway through to retirement- start researching investments and make sure you’re going about it the right way so you can enjoy those golden years without any regrets. You’ve done and seen a lot- but don’t stop exploring. Continue to discover new hobbies, food, travel destinations or whatever it is that makes you happy; there are still plenty of cool things left for you to do in life.

Determine what your goals are and break them down into daily tasks so you can get closer every day. Let’s start off with food.

1. Eat more greens – they are full of antioxidants and vitamins

2. Add more spices to your diet – they help kill the free radical molecules that cause cancer and liver damage

3. Take turmeric supplements – this spice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent stomach ulcers and many other inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis

4. Drink green tea – it’s not only tasty but has many antioxidants that protect against cancer.

5. Avoid alcohol and other liver-damaging substances – these can cause serious liver damage and eventually lead to scarring of the liver (cirrhosis). These include Carbonated sodas Dyes used in processed foods Sugar Alcoholic beverages Tobacco products Industrial solvents and chemicals.

Do this Daily

6. Exercise daily – exercise helps the liver’s immune system remove toxins and waste from the body. It also helps to rid the body of excess sugars, which can be harmful if allowed to build up in the bloodstream. Running or other cardiovascular exercises can help burn these off as well as improve circulation throughout your body. Try doing

7. Cook with garlic – it’s a natural antibiotic and studies show eating it regularly can lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

8. Read labels when dining out – be aware of hidden calories in sauces, dressings, creamy soups or pasta dishes and desserts. These foods can add up quickly! Also, read the nutrition information on the menu. Is there an option with lower-calorie but a similar taste?

9. Do some weight training two to three days a week – lifting weights can help boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass, which in turn burns more calories. It can also help you lose weight faster than just aerobic exercises alone. Focus on large muscle groups such as the chest, back or legs.

Cooking With Meat

10. Choose lean cuts of meat and trim visible fat before cooking – this will help reduce calories and unhealthy saturated fat. Select more fish and skinless poultry.

11. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day – this will help keep your liver healthy by improving circulation in your body, which helps remove toxins from the bloodstream. It will also make you feel full faster, so it can be an effective weight-loss tool. It’s recommended to drink half of your weight in ounces of water each day. If you weigh 160 pounds (72 kilograms), drink 80 ounces, or about 10 eight-ounce glasses.

You are sweet enough

12. Avoid artificial sweeteners – a recent study published in the journal “Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism” found that drinking diet beverages may actually contribute to an increased risk for obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

13. Steer clear of trans fats

Consumption of trans fat has been shown to contribute to the development of abdominal fat in men, which can further increase your risk for serious medical issues associated with obesity such as heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. Trans-fats are found in margarine, packaged baked goods, fried foods and most fast-food restaurants.

14. Treat yourself from time to time

So you’ve been good for a while and are ready for a little treat? That’s fine – but don’t go overboard. If you are not active and your weight is high, try to keep indulging as infrequent as possible.

Weight and Men’s Health over 40

Preventing liver disease is not only good for your health but can save you money. If you do develop liver disease, medical costs are generally quite high, so the best way to prevent problems is by being proactive about your health.

15. Maintain a healthy body weight

Underweight people are at increased risk of developing fatty liver disease, so it’s important to maintain healthy body weight. Being overweight can also increase your risk for developing the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

16. Don’t smoke

Smoking has been linked to an increased risk for many types of cancer, including cancers of the stomach, colon, oesophagus and liver. Smoking can also affect the way certain medications work and increase your risk for heart disease or blood clots.

17. Get enough calcium

It helps maintain a healthy skeleton, plays an important role in bone health and may lower your risk of developing NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease). Also, don’t forget to up your calcium intake before you reach middle-age as 40-YEAR-OLD MAN SHOULD BE DOING THIS FOR HEALTH the risk for developing liver disease increases with age.

18. Exercise regularly

Moderate exercise not only helps boost your metabolism and increase lean muscle mass, it is also an excellent way to help manage stress and reduce your overall body fat percentage. This will ultimately lead to lower body weight and healthier liver.

19. Eat a healthy diet

It’s recommended to avoid foods high in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, such as regular soft drinks, ice cream or fatty cuts of meat. Instead, select lean cuts of high-quality protein such as chicken breast or fish (with the skin removed). Try incorporating more whole foods into your diets, such as fruits and vegetables.

Men and Drinking

20. Drink in moderation – the liver performs hundreds of functions related to digestion, metabolism and detoxification so it is important you don’t overdo it when drinking alcohol. For men, no more than two drinks per day (or 10 grams of pure alcohol) should be consumed. This is about one 12-ounce beer or two 5-ounce glasses of wine. Women should drink no more than one drink per day (or less than 10 grams of pure alcohol).

21. Know your family history

If you have a parent, sibling or another close relative who has experienced liver disease then that increases your risk for developing the condition yourself. Paying attention to any unusual symptoms early on can help reduce your risk of developing serious liver problems later on.

Conclusion paragraph

We all know that it is not easy to be a 40-year-old man. It can be tough holding down the fort and making sure everything runs smoothly at home, work, and with your friends.

But don’t worry about being alone because we have put together this list of things every 40-year-old man should do! So no matter what you are doing right now – reading on your phone or laptop- take some time out of your day to read through our blog post for these 21 Things Every Forty-Year Old Man Should Be Doing.

You will want to bookmark this one so you can refer back when needed!

I wish you the best of luck!

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