Bigzzia BBQ Grill Charcoal Barbecue Grill- Healthy Dinners

Barry and Karen had been planning a BBQ for a few weeks now, but today they realized that the weather forecast was going to be awful. They wanted something easy to set up since their family would be coming over in the afternoon. That’s when they came across this pre-made grill with very simple assembly instructions on which made it perfect for them!

Grilling meats, poultry and seafood quickly to perfection.

• Set up is easy and fast

• Serves as a way to maintain healthy eating habits

• Cooks food using a completely clean-burning method without harmful toxins, carcinogens, or fumes. 

• Comes with a heavy duty carrying bag for transport

Outdoor kitchen with all the features you need for successful grilling – and quick cleanup.

• Save time on repetitive tasks such as cleaning, cooking and refueling

• Give yourself a break from the intense heat of the grill

• The flavour is more potent because it’s made from natural wood

• It produces fewer smoke particles than a gas grill

Value is not defined by price but rather how much one gets out of a purchase

I knew I had made the right choice when I saw her eyes light up. She was in the store, looking at expensive grills. But they were all too big for her small kitchen, and it was clear she needed to get something more practical and adaptable. As soon as she walked past my booth, I could tell that I’d found someone who also understood the value of a grill is not determined by its price but rather how much one gets out of it with each use. She looked so happy from cooking on this grill that she didn’t want to stop after just one taste!

Best Choice for Any Small to Medium Garden.

Bigzzia BBQ grill charcoal barbecue grill. Safety design with anti-scalding protection, sturdy and durable. Open flame is strictly prohibited during BBQ! Easy to use integrated lid and easily readable thermometer simply monitors the grill temperature Four adjustable vents for precise temperature control Crank system Height adjustable charcoal tray for perfect heat control and flexibility when cooking

Bigzzia BBQ Specification

Item dimensions L x W x H137 x 46 x 106 centimetres
Weight24.5 Kilograms
Frame materialCast Iron

How to set up the Bigzzia BBQ