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Keto Dinners for Beginners

Breakfast, lunch snack and dinner

Breakfast lunch a snack and dinner and each only uses three ingredients of course you can improvise these recipes based on what you have at home. So for breakfast we are going to be making some delicious scrambled eggs and big it up one notch with some fresh parsley so for this recipe we are going to need two eggs a tablespoon of butter and some fresh parsley.

Only nice and fine and if you can't get fresh parsley you can use dried parsley all you can use any other herbs of your choice dried herbs that's okay as well.

´╗┐Crack the eggs into a pan then I'm going to season the eggs with some salt and some black pepper and then I'm going to give the eggs of gold whisk now you can make this recipe, be with as many eggs as you like if two eggs are too many for you then make it with a single egg or if you have a larger appetite three eggs will be just fine.

Heat up the butter and once again if you can get your hands on butter you can use any other cooking fat that is available to you anywhere, once the butter has melted I'm going to forward in the beaten eggs and then using my spatula i am going to just scramble the eggs now you want to go these to your liking some people like it soft and creamy some people prefer to fully cook it.

Finish it off with the fresh parsley and this adds a lovely freshness to the eggs so that's it ladies and gentlemen our breakfast of scrambled eggs with fresh parsley is done and it looks delicious.

lunch Canned tuna And Cabbage

To start off you finely chop the cabbage now if you can't get gathered you can also use let this you can also use the focus the cabbage any vegetable just to give the salad some freshness is what we're looking for the next thing I'm going to do is take my can of tuna into a mixing bowl add the cabbage and then add some mayonnaise.

It really is that simple.

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