Top 10 best gifts for men this year

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. There’s the obvious husband who’s already bought himself everything he wants. The boyfriend with mercurial tastes. The son who completely blanked and forgot to send you his wish list. The dad who insists that believe him, he’s quite happy with nothing at all, as if that’s a viable option.

Why get Gifts for men.

Pains in the ass, the lot of them. But we’ve got a workaround, and it’s on this list of more than 10 gift ideas for men.

All you have to do is pair the gift with the guy. An outdoors-ready accessory for the man who prefers sleeping under the stars.

A pair of throwback sneakers for the man who owns more shoes than he does underwear. A sleek gadget for the man who treasures his time with an instructional manual. An exceptional whiskey for the man who’ll know how to savour it. You get the picture. And because this man means a lot to you, you’ll know the gift when you see it. exceptions, but if you have a man in your life that doesn’t fall into the “tech geek” or “sports nut” category, they may feel an item they purchase for themselves is far more thoughtful than anything you pick out.

But what if I told you there was a way to make those men in your life universally delighted?

Just a couple of months ago, I came across this Reddit post explaining how one guy’s lady surprised him with an early Christmas present tailored for the kind of nerd he was. He didn’t know it but at that point in time, she had already purchased a board game for him. She just didn’t give it to him when he opened his Christmas gifts. Instead, she had a plan to give it to him later that night.

But here’s the catch – this guy is a HUGE superhero movie fan! The only thing he wanted was an Avengers-themed Monopoly game. So with that information, she went out and purchased the game right away.

The result was a night of fun they had together played “Avengers Monopoly.” He even took to Reddit thanking her for doing this. She cared enough about him to look into what he wanted and then made it happen. Now THAT’S a good woman!

What gifts for men to buy

So if you’re stumped on what to get for a man, try having them tell you what it is they want. There’s no rule saying your significant other has to sit there and pretend they don’t know how much the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console or a particular sci-fi book you’ve both been binge-watching lately would mean to them.

If you have any idea what it is they want, gift the guy with a well thought out treat. Give them something that makes their inner nerd jump for joy. For example, if you know they’ve always wanted the Millennium Falcon but couldn’t afford it on eBay when Star Wars toys were popular in the late 1970s, gift them with a 3D printed scaled model of it. If you’re girlfriend REALLY loves you, she might even get you one of these 3D printed Millennium Falcon models for Christmas!

What’s more, is that if they like something you can create a DIY kit for him or her so they can put it together themselves. Even better, you could even take some time and create their present for them. Knowing that we have a few weeks off between Christmas and New Year’s Day, why not do this in advance? Create something fun to give your significant other later on in the month of January?

We’ve put together a list of 10 gift ideas for men that will make your husband, boyfriend, dad, or son really happy. And on top of that, we’ve included a short description to guide you in the right direction. Pick something out from this list and I can guarantee you the recipient will be ecstatic when they open it!

Top 10 gifts for men UK

  1. Craft Beer Lovers’ Starter Kit If your man is a fan of craft beer, they’ll enjoy this craft beer kit –
  2. Floating Speaker- UFO-Desk Gadget Decor-For Men –
  3. Avengers-themed Monopoly –
  4. Personalised Colour Changing Hanging Bar LED Sign –
  5. Whisky deal of the day –
  6. Sports memorabilia –
  7. Drone with 1080P HD Live Video Camera –
  8. For the James Bond in him, Aston Martin Vantage Officially Licensed Remote Control Car –
  9. Folding Electric Bike –
  10. For the car Lover a Car Detailing Kit –

Whatever you pick for your man, know that this is the time to spoil him. Christmas comes once a year. Spoil them with several gifts and let them know you appreciate them!


It’s not always easy to buy gifts for men. They may already have everything they want or need, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends in tech gear. But don’t worry! We’ve done some digging this year and found 10 great gift ideas that will make any man happy–whether he’s a gadget geek, fitness fanatic, beer connoisseur, or style maven. Check out our list of the best gifts for men below and find something your guy will love today!  

Don’t forget to read through our buying guide at the bottom so you know just what features are important when ma Also, be sure to share this post with anyone who might benefit from it!

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